5 Praises for the 1967 Mercury Cougar

ford-mercury-cougarExactly five decades have passed since the 1967 Mercury Cougar first saw the light of day but its allure has not faded one bit. If any, it has managed to magnify upon itself and the vehicle has now garnered the stamp of approval as an honorary classic.

There’s a lot to say and to praise about the Cougar but since we don’t have all day, we’ll summarize them into five as follows.

  1. Powerful

With two powerful engines of choice: a 200 hp 289 cu in two-barrel V8 and a 335 hp 390 cu in four-barrel V8, Mercury’s pony car has made its competitors eat dust on the road. At 195 horsepower, its top speed reaches 187 kilometers per hour which is already saying a lot for any car manufactured during that decade. It even came with bigger sway bars, a low restriction exhaust system and firmer suspension.

  1. Personality with a Punch

The vehicle was specifically designed to target the executive or working professional class. Because of this, Mercury wanted to give it the right flavor: a sweet combination of brawns with class. Its “electric shaver”, the Cougar’s most celebrated and signature feature, refers to the split grille treatment in both rear and front that concealed both the headlights and T-bird sequential taillights. Inside, it came with leather and vinyl upholstery a wood-rimmed steering wheel, overhead console and toggle switches and a burled walnut appliqué covered dash. Its wheelbase even clocks at 111 inches. That’s 3 inches longer than the Mustang’s!

  1. Commercial Success

With a total of 116,260 hardtop units that rolled out of production, the vehicle is no doubt a commercial success. That’s not even counting the XR-7 units that are more in demand among collectors today.

  1. Award-winning

Los Angeles based American automobile magazine “Motor Trend” has been the leading publication for the motoring world for a long time. Even in the ‘70s, it has been publishing reviews and detailed information about the various machines, trends and releases in the world of automobiles. Every year, it highlights a specific vehicle and crowns it as the best. Such accolade has been given to the 1967 Mercury Cougar.

  1. Timeless

The fact that we’re still raving about the 1967 Mercury Cougar today is evidence itself of how timeless and classic this muscle car is. Time may pass but its charisma and appeal will never fade.


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