Ways You’re Destroying Your Vehicle

engine trouble.jpgSometimes no matter how much we think we’re doing it right, we still unconsciously manage to maintain certain practices that do harm to our vehicles says the experts at the Fabia Sport headquarters. Curious as to whether or not you’ve committed the same mistakes? Check out our list and go see for yourself.

Kill Factor: Inadequate Maintenance

Admit it or not, many of us assume the best with our cars. As long as they’re running, we think they’re doing just fine which isn’t the case all the time. There are a number of issues that won’t become visible or will be felt until it’s too late. Also, regular scheduled maintenance checks not only prevent certain problems from aggravating but also prevents certain issues from ever happening. Take them to the shop on the regular for maintenance checkups and inspections.

Kill Factor: Fluids Mismanagement

Vehicles are the marriage of various parts and machines combined. In order for such parts to function, they need what we call car fluids (e.g. engine oil, water, coolant, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluids, etc). Not only do they need a refill to ensure that they stay at the minimum level but they have to be replaced every certain number of weeks or miles. Failure to do so can cause misfires and can even damage the engine for good.

Kill Factor: Knowledge Shortage

Have you read the car’s manual? Have you read it in full and understood it completely? If your answer equates to your head turning from side to side then we’re in deep trouble. To know how to best navigate, use and take care of any vehicle, owners need to get to know it as much as possible. For instance, the proper tire pressure is in the manufacturer’s manual. Besides, didn’t they say that knowledge is power?

Kill Factor: Overloading

Vehicles may be badass machines but that doesn’t make them a superhero without a kryptonite. They’re not indestructible. A very common mistake that people make is overloading their machines with people and/or stuff. As per the car’s manual, a particular model can only hold a certain number of passengers and kilograms. Although it can fit more, overloading will create strain and added pressure to it making the wear and tear process faster. So avoid loading up your trunk with unnecessary items. Take them out unless they’re necessary for the day’s errands.

Avoid these kill factors and your vehicles will thank you later says FabiaSport.


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